Dressing for the Holidays

When I was young I used to dream about Christmas and all the elegant events that were happening while I was sitting at home. I was raised Jewish and we didn't celebrate Christmas in our house. So when I was young I thought Christmas eve and Christmas day must be exactly what you see on TV. Everyone dressed up for Christmas evening, sitting around a piano, signing songs, sipping wine and having an elegant dinner with family. Christmas day was early rising, hot chocolate, matching PJs, a Decorator Tree and presents by the fire. I was so jealous.

Well, I grew up, got married to my husband who does celebrate Christmas and got to experience it all for myself. I’m not going to lie, I was kinda disappointed. My husband's family dressed casually, there was no piano, and certainly no big fire. (In all fairness, we live in Florida so having a fire doesn't happen often.) I learned quickly that every family has its own traditions that may or may not be that ideal Christmas movie playing in my head. Even though I love my extended family dearly, and the all the traditions we created together, I still secretly pine for those past images in my head.

So whether your family is casual or dressy, potluck or catered, we have you covered. Perhaps you’re traveling for the holidays and need easy travel jewels, cozy PJs, or gifts that travel well, we’ve got you covered.  

One of my favorite brands for Travel is Tumi. I love my Voyager bag that I use for my carry on.  Most of their purses and travel bags all have a special jewelry pocket to keep your pieces safe and sound, and lots of compartments to put all of your things. This bag also slides onto the handle of my rolling bag for easy moving through airports. If you’re like me, and travel with lots of jewelry pieces, you need a travel case that works. I love Mark and Graham jewelry cases for organization and protection. I typically use these inexpensive baggies to keep my jewelry separated and from scratching and then put into my case.

Here are a few more must haves that I always travel with.  Headphones, sanitary wipes (because obvious), a small lotion (my favorite is from Trader Joes, tissues, a great playlist, Audible book (currently listening to Michelle Obama's book), or a downloaded movie on my iPad. Of course a bottle of water, a healthy power bar, and always, always, always a comfy wrap just in case I’m cold or need a pillow. Check out this amazing one from J.Crew.

Christmas Eve

Lauren Sigman Jewelry - Blog - Dressing for the Holidays - Dressy

I like to dress for Christmas Eve so I’ll be wearing this Florida style DVF dress, these amazing heels I splurged on for my “Big Birthday” from LV and some beautiful LSJ jewelry.

Christmas Day

Lauren Sigman Jewelry - Blog - Dressing for the Holidays - Casual

Christmas Day will be casual with black jeans from Lucky, a cute  shirt and a jean jacket. Of course, there will be a layering of necklaces, some stud earrings and a ring or two.

Lauren Sigman Jewelry - Blog - Dressing for the Holidays - Blog

So, whether you’re traveling for the holidays or staying close to home. We hope you find some R&R, a cup of hot chocolate, lots of time with the ones you love and some LSJ under your tree.

Happy Holidays and Ho Ho Ho,


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