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Exotic Gems by Mark Gronlund, GG

We are thrilled to announce that we've partnered up with Mark Gronlund, artist and innovator, recognized worldwide as one of the premier artistic gem cutters working today. We're happy to feature some of his exquisite and exotic gem collection in store and online!

Mark started in the jewelry industry as a self-taught goldsmith in 1988. His early work consisted of jewelry fabrication, model making, centrifuge casting, stone setting and finishing. He began his work as a professional lapidary, or gem cutter, in 1995.

Mark has won the prestigious "Cutting Edge" category of the AGTA Spectrum Awards (recognized as the premier gem cutting and jewelry design competition in North America) eight times! His most recent accomplishments are back to back 1st place awards in the 2018 & 2019 Spectrum Awards competition in the "Innovative Faceting" category, totaling 12 AGTA Spectrum Awards.

We're featuring a small collection of his work in our store and have access to many more rare and beautiful stones. We would love to show you his innovative work and to discuss how we can build you the perfect piece of jewelry for your collection. 

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