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Social Purpose

because we care about our furry friends - The Willow

You might have noticed that the LSJ collection has a theme ... flowers! It started off simple enough. Build a collection that when people see it, they say, "That must be a Lauren Sigman piece."

Maybe because I was born and raised in sunny Florida or because I just love flowers, it was a natural fit. It seemed socially responsible to create a collection that actually brought joy to people. When you're happy, you're healthier, and you see the world more optimistically.

Since my first collection in 2009, flowers have been the overriding theme. I tell you honestly, I still love them and feel I could go on for years designing new pieces that incorporate them. Flowers just make me HAPPY!

Lauren Sigman Jewelry - The Willow

Another thing that makes me happy are animals! If you follow my Instagram, you know a main contributor is my dog Daisy. She’s one of my great loves, and I know so many of you feel the same about your furry friends. I love all animals, and believe in a cruel-free life.

What I mean is I'm choosing to live my life in a way that causes no harm to others, including animals. Now, I’m not perfect. I still have leather bags, use hair spray, and have wood floors in my house. But I'm trying every day to do and be better … to move toward a life that doesn't contribute to the pain or suffering of any creature and a life that leaves a smaller footprint. I’ve always been that person who cries when an animal is hurt, lost, scared, lonely, and treated unfairly. I can't separate myself from their pain, and I don't believe that I'm superior to any being, including animals.

Lauren Sigman Jewelry - Daisy

There are many worthwhile organizations helping and bringing awareness to animal issues, and I want to do my small part to contribute to this important movement. With that as my goal, I have designed a special pendant called the Willow. When sold, 100% of the profits will be sent to the No Kill animal shelter, North Shore Animal League.

Over time, I hope to add others. I think the Jane Goodall Institute, The Animal Justice Project, Wildlife Alliance and many more do what they say they’re going to do and protect both our domestic and wildlife animals. As I learn more, I will add to the list.  I will also be doing online promotions and fundraisers to raise money for animal causes. I hope you'll join me. I know that if you love my jewelry, then you're probably the type of person who also loves others, animals, our earth, and making a difference.         

I hope together, we can help make this world a kinder more gentle place.

You all make me HAPPY! 

Side Note: Now, it’s simpler than ever to move toward cruelty free. Faux leather, Faux fur, wool and feather free options are readily available. So many companies are moving in this direction. Some are all vegan like and some are mainstream companies like Stella McCartney and Banana Republic. It’s a daily choice to move toward kindness over cruelty, and cruel free buying options grow larger everyday.   I keep leaning in and I hope you do too.