Best Laid Plans

Construction Update on our new Permanent Pop Up Store!

Exciting News

As the saying goes and as many (or most) of you have experienced in your life, plans don’t always turn out as expected. As we continue to get ready for the opening of our new pop up store, The Grove has included a few other amazing companies that will join us in the new space. Lisa Anderton and The Tiny Orchid Company will be sharing in our fun and will help round out your shopping experience at our new location.


Construction News 

Construction of our new building is a little delayed!  As Z Properties works hard to finish the new building, our opening has been moved to November 7th. Trust me, It will be worth the wait! 


Fun News

Let’s have some pre-opening fun! Ill be posting updates on construction and details of our new space as it happens. November 7th is right around the corner and we cant wait to see you all then!! 


I’m so excited to see you all soon!



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