Jewelry Care

We hope your love your Lauren Sigman piece as much as we loved making them. To care for them so they will last forever please think about the following: 

Lauren Sigman Jewelry - Jewelry Care TipsOur fine jewelry is made with 14K, 18K, or Sterling Silver depending on the piece you purchase. Moisture, lotions, perfumes, chlorine, household cleaning agents, and salts are just few of the many things that can harm your jewelry. Please avoid them. Cleaning your jewelry regularly will help keep it looking brand new. Do not use any abrasive brushes as this will cause scratches on the metal and some gemstones. If your jewelry has stones in it, the best practice is for your stones to be checked and/or tightened by a professional jeweler at least once a year. If you ever hear your stone clicking, or when you tap your stone it moves, it is loose in its setting and should be taken to a jeweler immediately. 

Protect your jewelry in our special Lauren Sigman custom pouches and store them in a safe place. This will help prevent scratches and tangling.