Meet Lauren


In 2009, after a 20-year career in business I decided to create and sell my own fine jewelry collection. 
With great passion, a masters degree in business and a little naïveté, I followed a dream. I was born into a family of lawyers (that were all creative but went to law school). No one ever told me you could make a business out of being creative. In my family, if you didn’t have an undeniable talent (think Picasso), you went to law school. So off I went to undergrad with a plan to attend law school after. Upon completion of my four year degree, I decided to get my masters in business before attending law school. At the same time I started working for a telecommunications company and quickly learned I was a natural salesperson ... go figure. I was only 22-years-old and thought I would stay a few years before law school. It went so well, I ended up making it a 20-year career. In that time, I got married, had 3 great kids, traveled the country and learned so much about business and the world.
When I left my career in 2008, I had been thinking about doing something in fine jewelry for years. I loved the smaller independent designers with handmade collections, and I dreamed of making my own. 
Fast-forward 14yrs, hundreds of pieces, countless collections, selling to stores around the country, growing an online business and my adventure into retail.
In October of 2019 we opened our first flagship retail store in Winter Park, Fl.
Besides our retail store and website, we've expanded deeply into custom work, bridal & collaborations.
You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and even TikTok. 
I currently live in Winter Park, Florida with my husband of 27 years.  We have three  grown children and our sweet dog, Ivy who is often featured on our Instagram page and almost always the star of the show in the store. 
Lauren Sigman Collection
Fine Jewelry & Gift Boutique 
227 A West New England Ave
Winter Park, Fl 32789