Fine vs. Fashion

Jewelry, like anything, comes in a range of qualities. Some jewelry is made for fashion; flaunting simulated stones, inexpensive chunky statement pieces, copies of all the latest trends or just inexpensive fun stuff to wear for a season. Some fashion jewelry even mixes fine metals with simulated stones or real gemstones in silver or other metals.  You can find fashion jewelry anywhere from department stores to boutiques and definitely online. Fashion jewelry is typically mass produced to be sold for larger retail outlets that require many, many pieces and can be significantly cheaper than fine jewelry. This jewelry is typically made of materials that are prone to break quickly and might only be good for a few uses before they begin to wither.

And let me make it clear that there is nothing wrong with buying inexpensive fashion jewelry. It can be fun to play dress up and deck yourself without breaking the bank. See some fun finds at Nordstrom's latest trends. I even enjoy scouring the jewelry stands for cheap bangles or fun rings occasionally, but most of the time I would much prefer to save my money for  pieces that will last forever.

Fine jewelry, such as the pieces in my collection Lauren Sigman Collection, are made of precious metals, semi-precious gemstones and diamonds, and are meant to last a lifetime. So why would you chose to wear fine over fashion?

My collection is entirely handcrafted in the USA and is made with 14k, 18K, Platinum and handpicked gemstones and diamonds. Fine jewelry cost more because it’s it worth more. Fine jewelry is literally an investment and is worth something after it’s purchased. Most fine jewelry can be resold, re-purposed or even melted for it’s value. Gold literally has value and is traded on the stock exchange along with diamonds and other metals. Some fine jewelry is even considered an investment, like a work of art.

With proper care and storage it will last forever and can be handed down to generations to come. Pieces of fine jewelry, such as my Beaded Tuberose Necklace with Sapphires or my Opal Daisy Earrings are collectible, meaningful, and valuable. Our one of a kind pieces are all hand selected for their stones and handmade at a bench with tools and old world techniques. Our bridal collection as well as many of our pieces include high quality vs diamonds we sourced from trusted vendors we’ve built relationships with for many years.  I have always seen jewelry as a beautiful and happy thing to invest in because it so personal, gives the wearer joy, and can be used every day. So much more fun than putting your money in a stock account! Plus who doesn't want to spend their hard earned money on something that will make them feel and look amazing and will hold and most likely increase its value through time.

From the beginning my jewelry has been whimsical and happy but I NEVER wanted to make it with anything but the best quality materials. I’m proud of that and proud that in a world full of instant gratification and cutting corners for the almighty dollar that we’ve stuck to our vision and our quality promise. I’m not sure I could do it any other way!

Each of my pieces is special to me and every single piece is made and finished by hand. Nothing makes me happier than being able to share my creations with the people who invest in my collection and who can see and feel the spirit of what I’m creating. I’m so thankful for that! Fine jewelry is how I live my happy.

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